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We love sharing our team's expertise on the world of digital marketing to Aotearoa New Zealand. Our blog is where we explore the tools, trends, and techniques our team is attuned to.

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AI in Google Search is here. Now what?

Wondering when ChatGPT-like answers are coming to Google? Wait no longer – Search Generative Experience is here.

Your 2024 Marketing Performance Tips and Tricks

Following these tips across your conversions and audiences for ads will help you get a better bang for your buck.

Keen to boost leads? Just flip your camera!

Three reasons why D2C content is a no-brainer for your brand

New Quarter Value: Mana Māui!!! ☀️✏️☀️✏️

As summer unfolds at Aro Digital, we're diving into the vibrant world of Mana Māui!

Keep these in mind when you’re running digital ads in 2024

2024 is a year of shifting tides online. We’ve got some pearls of wisdom to make your digital marketing work through choppy waters.

Help Us Find The Best Golden Hour Photos of 2023

We received hundreds of sunrise and sunset photos from across the motu, and have shortlisted our favourite 40! We need your help to vote for the best.

Choose your Flighter! Celebrate Bird of the Year with our new Slack Emojis!!!

Choose your favourite New Zealand bird and add a touch of Kiwi charm to your Slack conversations!

What settings make or break your ads 🌐 Aro 232

Get your latest hit of digital marketing resources from our experts

It's All in the Details: How Platform Settings Can Make or Break Your Ads‍

In the world of digital advertising, settings matter. Discover the settings you should turn off to ensure your marketing budget is well spent.

Caring for Ourselves and Others - Mana Whānau

With the arrival of spring, we’re going to be embracing the value of Mana Whānau!

Level-Up Your Organic Posts in 5 Easy Steps

Level up your organic socials with these 5 easy steps. Engage with your audience, mix up post formats, find your best time to post, use high-quality links and build both your personal and company brand.

Human-centred design could revolutionise your advertising. Here’s how.

There is a wonderful discipline from the design world which can help your advertising blossom.

Choosing an SEO Friendly Startup Name & A Guide for Those That Stuffed Up

Learn how to choose an SEO-friendly startup name with a focus on search competition, ease of spelling and relevance, and what to do if you've already named your business.

SEO 101: How to Grow Your Small Business Online

Learn how to use Google Search Console to grow your small business with SEO. Monitor website performance, identify issues, and track organic traffic results. Improve your website's traffic and meet your business goals.

What We Value in Winter – Mana Tiaki

Our top tips for incorporating Mana Tiaki into your life ❤️

The Alternative Guide To Getting Fit in Wellington

Find your fitness inspiration with these unique and fun workout alternatives in Wellington. From circus skills to rock climbing and parkour, keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

TikTok – Why now is the time to join

TikTok has taken the world by storm with its short-form video content. You don’t want to miss out.

7 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram

Learn how to grow your personal brand on Instagram with 7 simple steps! From sharing high-quality images to effective use of hashtags, engaging with followers and sharing user-generated content, this guide provides everything you need to know to make building your brand through Instagram easy and effective.

The Beginners Guide to Google Ads 2023

Learn the basics of Google Ads with this beginner's guide. Understand pay-per-click, keywords, quality score, impressions, clicks, and more to optimize your ad spend and reach your target audience.

Selecting Effective & Affordable Keywords

Learn how to select effective and affordable keywords for your Google Ads campaign by understanding cost, quality score and the customer journey.

10 Kickass Digital Marketing Podcasts

Discover the top 10 digital marketing podcasts covering a range of topics from attribution to Zapier and everything in between. Listen to the industry experts and gain new insights, sprinkle a bit of inspiration into your life and hone your marketing skills.

Our Journey To Cultural Responsibility

In this piece we’ll introduce you to our friend and te ao Māori mentor - Nathan from Riki Consultancy, his thoughts on cultural responsibility in the workplace and how the team here at Aro are working towards a better te ao Māori workplace together. 

A New Age Of Digital Marketing - Aro 232

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of 232! Aro’s quarterly update on all things digital marketing in Aotearoa. In this article we've got all the goss on Google's new direction for search, what it means to #BeReal online, an award-winning campaign to inspire you, and much more! 

Finding The Best Golden Hour Photos In Aotearoa

Discover the beauty of New Zealand's sunrises, sunsets, wildlife, and unique photography in the Golden Hour Photo Challenge. See the 40 finalists and vote for the winners.

Data, Dashboards, & Robots - July 232

Discover the latest digital marketing trends in New Zealand, from emoji usage to AI-generated art, and explore innovative tools like DALL.E.2. Learn about the upcoming Google Analytics update and check out the Kepla x Aro Benchmarking Dashboard for insights into advertising costs. Is the future of digital marketing human-driven, artificial, or a combination of both? Let's find out.

What Did We Learn From Analysing 5,264 Emojis? 🤔

Discover how Kiwis use emojis in 2022 with Aro Digital's Emoji Insights Dashboard. Filter by age, gender and region to see how different groups use emojis. Plus, learn hot tips for using emojis in your copywriting.

10 Quirky Gift Ideas For The Wellington Shopper - The 2021 Edition

Looking for unique gift ideas in Wellington? Check out our top picks from local businesses, including Coffee Supreme, We Love Local, Wellington Apothecary, Monty’s, Float Well, and more!

NZ By The Numbers October 232

Discover the latest trends and data-driven insights from New Zealand, including supermarket price increases and the power of memes in marketing. Plus, learn about tools like Typeform and Akin for analyzing form responses, and get inspired by Welly's Golden Hour Photo Competition and the Bird of the Year campaign. Don't miss out on these updates from Aro Digital!

Awesome Golden Hour Spots in Wellington

Discover the best spots in Wellington to capture stunning photos during sunrise and sunset. From the Wellington Cable Car to Red Rocks, these locations will not disappoint.

Aro's 232 - July 2021: The State Of NZ's Digital Marketing

Discover the most popular digital platforms in New Zealand, according to Aro Digital's latest survey. Find out which social media channels and website platforms SMEs prefer, and learn the top-performing ads. Plus, get tips on simplifying your tracking and avoid common digital marketing pitfalls.

Top 9 NZ Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

Discover the top digital marketing trends in New Zealand for 2021, from the leading social platforms to up-and-coming trends like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and voice search. With insights from Kiwi startups and SMBs, this guide covers everything you need to know for effective digital marketing.

Aro's 232 - April 2021

In Aro's April 2021 update, they discuss the implications of iOS updates, 0-click searches, and the introduction of Google Analytics 4. They also recommend using Google Fonts & Icons and exploring the Wayback Machine. Lastly, they introduce the new Aro campus, Aro 236.

Wellington’s Wet Weather Activities

Don't let Wellington's rainy weather dampen your spirits! We've compiled a list of nine indoor activities for those days when the wind and rain just won't quit, including a free guided Parliament tour, rock climbing at Fergs Kayaks, pottery at the Wellington Potters' Association, and spending time cuddling with furry friends at the Wellington SPCA.

Quirky Gift Ideas For The Wellington Shopper - The 2020 Edition

Discover unique, sustainable gifts that celebrate the Wellington region and support local businesses. From pet accessories to ethical clothing, locally-made soda to record albums, there's something for everyone. Shop thrifty and make a difference this holiday season.

The Search for Wellington's Favourite Sunrise Sunset Photo

Vote for your favorite Wellington sunrise and sunset photos and win #lovelocal spot prizes! Submit your best shot of the beautiful Wellington sunrises or sunsets and stand a chance to win prizes from local businesses. The winner gets a professionally printed photo and a prize pack filled with local goodies.

Aro's 232 - April 2020

Aro's 232 covers digital marketing in NZ, discussing trends like the surge in online traffic and the reduced spend on Facebook and Google Programmatic, 3 online tools, and inspirational campaigns like the Unite Against Covid campaign and Air New Zealand's email communication during the pandemic. Get insights into how to deepen virtual connection and find new ways to connect online, especially during social distancing.

About 232 - Aro's Quarterly Update

Stay up to date with digital marketing trends and campaigns with Aro's quarterly newsletter, 232. Featuring 2 trends, 3 tools, 2 highlights, and Aro updates. Subscribe now.

The Best SEO Chrome Extensions to Level Up Your Search in 2020

Discover the best SEO Chrome extensions to level up your marketing capability. From analyzing metadata with Meta SEO Inspector to finding broken links with Check My Links, these tools will help you nail your SEO and get you in that top organic spot.

Quirky Gift Ideas for the Wellington Shopper - The 2019 Edition

Find the perfect gift in Wellington with our guide, featuring craft beer from Hopbox, Fix & Fogg's delicious peanut butter, Weta Workshop's special effects make-up workshop, and more!

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